Where has your food been?

I recently watched an informative documentary titled “Ingredients”. It talks about the importance of supporting local farmers and the many health benefits of eating locally sourced food. We have become a nation of convenience and neglect. This neglect has led to the demise of our faithful farmers and fattened corporate pockets who continue to package and process nutritionally void “food”. This processed food has led to a nation of disease and sickness. Believe it or not, we may outlive our children!  We no longer take the time to eat mindfully and respect the gift of what food truly gives.


We can change this and the more we talk about this the more we can educate one another.  Let’s support the farmers who care, our CSAs who cultivate and deliver goods to us, our local farmer’s markets, and neighborhood restaurants who prepare and serve these ingredients. You deserve to provide yourself with the nutrition that your body needs and is meant to have. You can even reverse some diseases and fight sickness. One of my favorite lines in the movie- “You need to control what you eat. You need to demand and reassert that control and be part of the process of what you eat. You shouldn’t be buying garlic shipped in hulls of ships thousands of miles away between sex toys and flip flops. You should look for your local sources. Because if you’re not in control are you sure that those in control are looking out for your best interest?”




Not too long ago I took it upon myself  to try a 21 day meditation challenge hosted by the fab Deepak Chopra. A struggle at first, I pushed through and am now exploring any other mantras, meditative music or spiritual insight he has to offer. I find that without starting my day with meditation, I start to feel a little on edge and kooky. If Deepak says it, I’m probably going to do it…..except for his lavish all-inclusive Meditation luxury retreats. I just spent most of my dinero on my all so wonderful plumbing fiasco (more to come).

In addition to my spiritual exploration, I started to randomly select from a stack of Dalai Lama Contemplation Cards. They look like giant playing cards with a saying on one side and an adorable pic of the Dalai Lama on the other. He is so damn cute! I must admit the cards sometimes take a few series of reading, pausing, reading, pausing, and then asking my wife or Zen nomadic roomie Kat for further interpretation.

So the last card I drew yesterday was simply titled “Patience”. Patience….hmmmm. Well forgive me but my patience card ran out a few days ago. During the month of April, my patience card was dangled in front of my face on more than one occasion. Our basement toilet has been a repeated violator lately.  To start, the toilet had no pressure – meaning it wouldn’t take the kids to the pool.  Baltimore City came out and flushed the main street line and all was resolved. The site of what was under that man-hole cover would have knocked you on your a**.  A few days later the same thing happened. Baltimore city annoyingly came out again. Whatever…that’s why I pay taxes.  Another couple of days went by and all hell broke loose. My household  and I spent a good portion of the night shoveling crap out of  our reverse bidet. It wouldn’t stop. Plumbers came out and cleaned the line. Installed a new toilet even. I was relieved and content and my pockets were drained. But that’s ok because I could use the toilet in peace.

Well not really. My wife starts a load of laundry and notices water leaking from the toilet. She goes upstairs to call the plumber again. Cute  young guys who wear yamakas. Name of their company-“Honest Abe”. Love it. She goes back downstairs and water is gushing from behind the washer and flooding the basement. She tells me this in her “calm” voice as I am working my clients out.  I start to freak out internally  but quickly gather myself to finish up the last workouts of the day. Abe comes back and rips the toilet out and cleans the lines…again. He tells us that we might have a cracked pipe. Dolla bills y’all. Dolla dolla bills y’all…flying out of my piggy bank. He’s sending someone else out with a toilet camera to inspect. We spend the rest of the day mopping up a small basement  pool. Luckily without poo.

Next scene/next day…Tom shows up with his techy gadgets and tools. This I must admit excites me as I love tools and technology. He puts the “sea snake” down the toilet hole and warns us that we might not want to watch. My wife takes the warning. I tell him to bring it! Not so bad. After all I am gearing up for a new baby. So we discover no cracked pipes..just some grease from the 1980’s which had built up for years and years. Yes!!!!!! My dolla bills are gracefully flying back into my baby fund. My wife and I are on the brink of tears! Tom leaves us with some guidelines of how to treat our plumbing lines and give them TLC. I love Tom. I feel as though we have bonded.

So all is good in the hood. I go out for tri training brick (after swimming you immediately bike or run). Good times. I swim for an hour mainly with one hand behind my back alternating every 100 strokes with different intensities. Wow. What a humbling and frustrating experience. I was so annoyed with feeling like a lopsided beached sea creature. No I don’t have control issues! I slithered my way onto my bike and got stung by some kind of insect within the first 10 minutes. Oh no you didn’t. I ripped the insect from inside my shirt sleeve and charged on. I will finish this! And I did.

Feeling on top again and not defeated I came home and was able to safely use my sink, shower and bathroom with peace of mind. The next day I eagerly waited to draw my Dalai Lama card. Oh this is going to be good. And whadda ya know…”Patience” was pulled. Hahahahhaha. I love it. His interpretation was as follows:  “When unfavorable circumstances come about, we pray that our suffering may absorb the sufferings of all beings. This way of thinking and wishing is exceedingly wondrous. This is what it really means when we hear that the altruistic mind of a bodhisattva brings about his or her own happiness”. Bam there you have it people. Although, I’m not going to  lie,  I had to get further interpretation from my Zen master roomie Kat.

Hooray! More Dough For the Drug Companies!

Are you kidding Me?  Does anyone see what is happening here? Our society is so loaded up on antibiotics that we have severely compromised our immune systems. We can’t fight anything off anymore because these drugs kill not only the bad things in our body but the good as well. So what do we do?  We take more! And since we take more our bodies stop reacting. Looks like we have tried everything so let’s persuade drug companies to make a different kind of antibiotic. One that our bodies haven’t been introduced to yet. Yeah that will work.

One problem with this….their is no financial gain for a drug company to do this. The money is in the drugs that are expensive. For example drugs to treat prostate cancer cost approximately $93,000 and an antibiotic cost $2,800 for 10 days of treatment (W.Weir-Tribune Newspapers). There is no return on investment since you only have to take antibiotics for a short period of time.

So this bill gives drug companies more moolah to make more drugs! Yes! And since bacterial infections are skyrocketing, we need a solution. A new kind of antibiotic. A new fix. Preeeessseeeennnting the GAIN Act! This gives companies 10 years to come up with new pills. GAIN-the name is quite ridiculous when you think about it really. We gain nothing and they gain fat pockets. But wait theirs more…the FDA is required to speed up their approval process. Hhmmm that means more lawyer commercials in a few years saying, ” Have you taken _______ to aid in getting rid of your bacterial infection? Do you suffer from _______ and _______? Well you could be compensated financially for the rest of your life. Call _____,_____ and _______. The lawyers who take care of you!”  Too bad your body can’t celebrate your riches with you.

Don’t get me wrong people. I have taken antibiotics in my lifetime. And I am thankful that they are available. But we abuse this drug in a major way. We are giving our power to the drug companies and they are controlling us like robots who need a new power source.  If we took the time to treat our bodies as we would our fancy cars or our prized possessions, we wouldn’t run into this scary situation. Food is medicine! Take the power back.

One of my favorite tools!

I sweat the TRX. I have been using this device for several years now. I use the TRX with every client…from the novice athlete to the hard core competitor. One of the most versatile pieces of equipment on the market. A must for any trainer’s toolbox.

Why TRX Suspension Training®?, posted with vodpod

“Their is no money in healthy people or dead people. The money is in sick people.”-Bill Maher

Recently watched the movie “Forks over Knives”. What an informative documentary describing our never ending struggle with disease as a direct result of our poor nutrition. I pride myself on my “healthy diet” but in actuality I think I have a long way to go. This flick is an informative eye opener and just might change your outlook on the way you fuel your body.

Intro in short

My name is Dana Esposito. I am a fitness/wellness professional and have been in this field for over 12 years. I am passionate about what I do and am excited to use this opportunity to share my knowledge and help others. The human body is quite fascinating and intriguing. If I can play a part in making you feel better than I have successfully done my job.